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Hand curated maternity care packages


Pregnancy is a journey. 

A mommy-to-be may experience some common symptoms and ailments during her pregnancy; from morning sickness to back aches and heartburn. Whatever it may be, it can cause a pregnancy to feel uncomfortable and stressful. Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience that those things shouldn't detract from it. Our care packages are hand curated specifically to ease some of those common symptoms. 


A Package that Cares

Whether you're shopping for yourself or for a special mama, you'll find a selection of packages that will fit your needs. 

Shop A Pre-Curated Package

Select a package from our shop. All are hand curated with love and themed specifically to help ease your pregnancy symptoms.

Customize A Package

Select products from our shop to create your own customized box. We'll package it by hand and deliver. Perfect as a gift!

Treat Yourself or Give a Gift

Treat yourself to a package or send one to a special mama-to-be.


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